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Starting with the finished product, from the parent company, DieTech North America,  through the process of simulation, will address and develop the minimal amount of operations (dies) required to produce said product within tolerance, surface finish requirements, as demanded by today’s rigorist standards.

The simulation process will aid in determining the first operation in a die from a flat piece of material, sheet metal – aluminum – etc. , to its first initial shape.  This will include any form, flange, and trim conditions that need to be unfolded in order to be dealt with in later operations (dies).

The simulation process will continue to determine what steps are required in following operations (dies) to complete the panel to where it can then be placed on a fixture and checked via a co-ordinate measuring machine, (CMM)

Once the panel meets all the criteria to be a panel the parent company is satisfied with, the process for a Blank die begins.  This starts with the flat material that has been cut to a specific shape that the first operation (Draw Die) utilizes.   Once the press to be used is determined, the operations to be performed in a Blank Die begin.  This is a coil of material that is fed through the die at a predetermined distance with each turn of the press.  There will be various stations in the die that will trim and pierce the material away until complete, then drop the finish blank off the die.


  • Draw Die
  • ReDraw Die
  • Trim Die
  • Pierce Die
  • Form Die
  • Flange Die
  • Cam Die
  • The later dies by themselves or in various combinations that would be allowed by panel shape
  • Press