World-Class Quality

World-Class Quality World-Class Quality
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World-Class Quality

At DieTech,we are committed to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. This reflects our goal to build world-class dies competitively here in the U.S.

Our dedication to quality is evident in the number of globally recognized certifications that we hold: ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 14001:2004. The DieTech team is proud that it has earned these awards. We work equally hard to ensure that we maintain them through meticulous documentation of projects and by having each member of our team embrace the system and its standards. This helps us ensure our customers are receiving products and services of the highest global quality.

Not Just Efficient - Effective

While other die shops focus on being efficient - the ability to execute tasks correctly and with minimum effort - we concentrate on being effective - doing the right thing in the first place to add maximum value. Our ability to keep our eyes on the big picture is another aspect of the DieTech difference.

More than three decades of experience has taught us how to manage our costs so we are an effective asset to the customers we serve around the world. We clearly understand that there is a direct relationship between supporting our customers' successful product launches, realizing our own goals for success, and evolving into a better business, committed to the future.