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Die Construction

At DieTech, we specialize in medium and large comples tooling with an emphasis on Class-A surfaces. Our expertise is in using the most demanding materials and building or finishing the most demanding tools - on time, on budget, and at tolerance.

We have done extensive work with tooling for:
  • Fenders
  • Hoods
  • Doors
  • Deck Lids
  • Roofs
  • Body Side Panels
  • Floor Pans
  • Cross-Car Beams
We are experienced in all aspects of the design and development of:
  • Draw Dies
  • Line Dies
  • Transfer Dies
  • Cam Dies
  • Efficient Blanking Dies
We are known for our work with unusual and difficult stamping materials, including:
  • Aluminum
  • Experimental / Exotic Metals
  • Bi-Metal Composites
  • Various Forms of Steel:
    • Stainless
    • Bake-Hardenable
    • High-Strength
    • Cold-Rolled Steel (CRS)
    • Drawing-Quality Special-Killed (DQSK)
    • Deep-Drawing Quality (DDQ)
    • Multi-Gauge, Laser / Mash-Welded Blanks

We have extensive experience with engineering material savings into each project, providing materials selection assistance, and incorporating proven methods to reduce the manufacturing costs associated with tooling maintenance and production downtime.

The result is robust, production-ready tooling that meets stringent tolerances; cost, quality, and delivery-time objectives; and maximizes performance and production efficiency.